Individual Therapy - When working with individual clients, we explore treatment issues inside of two contexts: first, the client's history, their background, their family of origin, previous ways of looking at and addressing the current issue and, secondly, what needs to happen to move forward and create a goal oriented plan. I am highly conscious that any move and/or change that an individual client makes will likely impact their relationships, including and especially those with family, friends, people with whom they work, go to school or volunteer. Building on client strengths and resilience is a primary focus in treatment. This is my approach in working with clients of all ages and stages of life.


Couples Therapy - My approach to working with couples is to distinguish the difference between two individuals and a couple and how those two pieces of a relationship impact each other. When in treatment with me, the "couple" is the identified client, which means that couples working with issues that have been persistent and seemingly unresolvable have to be willing to explore how those issues can be addressed in new and innovative ways that support their relationship in becoming stronger, more vital, and able to heal and grow.